Kenniston Lane was an idea I had while realizing that as a craftsman, I was becoming less interested in designing and building for clients and their specific requirements, and more interested in creating my own designs that others may enjoy. In fact, this coincided with this same impulse I had as a musician. For the last 25 years I have been swinging back and forth in two careers, composer/guitarist, and furniture/cabinet maker. Both are creative pursuits I enjoy immensely. Most of my music career has been spent composing and producing for television. But as the industry has changed, I have found the work less rewarding, less lucrative, while still intensely competitive. So now I make records. And as a woodworker, I am more interested in building what I love, beautifully crafted, traditionally handmade furniture of my design, drawing from American traditions of New England, both coastal and country. Kenniston and Lane are family names on my mother’s side steeped in New England history.  Ebenizer Lane was an 18th century ships captain out of Boston who sailed back and forth to Asia bringing back exotic furniture to sell. Capt. Joseph Kenniston, also in the furniture trade, sailed the schooner Mount Hope out of Booth Bay, Maine, up and down the east coast in the mid 1800’s. As a sailor myself, I love to incorporate elements of yacht design into my furniture. I have been fortunate to be commissioned by both the New York Yacht Club in Manhattan, and the American Yacht Club in Rye New York to build cabinets and furniture that express the nautical history of their buildings. At the same time, I am always paying attention to the latest design trends, and making furniture that speaks to me while fitting a modern aesthetic. As Kenniston Lane grows, I look forward to designing and building great American furniture, both traditional and modern, and hope that the quality and beauty will speak for itself.

David Hart


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