Teak & Holly

These designs were part of or inspired by the work I did for the New York Yacht Club. The designer, Heather Bartling, had the idea of incorporating Teak & Holly into her designs for the manhattan location where she was hired to update the suites that make up the 1901 building. From cabin soles on yachts to the iconic Cris Craft speed boats, Teak & Holly stripes are a staple of classic yacht design. In the smaller Sappho Suite, where twin beds were called for, I designed a cabin feel with integrated

berths and dresser with radiused corners, necessary on boats to protect the sailors knees. The platform style beds include 2 large drawers on one side for extra storage. These designs were built using a combination of Teak, Holly and Afromosia.  Afromosia (Pericopsis elata), also known as African Teak, is much less oily, more sustainable and blends beautifully with the South American Teak (Tectona grandis). The recessed brass hardware completes the look of a yacht cabin.  All these designs can be custom built to suit specific dimensions and installation requirements.



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